Red shoes, No knickers



February 2012



Soft rose and sweet orange

Somtimes certain colours are just meant to live together. 

{chapeau claudette hat, gifted faux fur stole, vintage coat and clutch, chazzer shazzer suit, m&s cashmere joomp and heeled brogues, tights}

Remember this skirt when she was whipped up into an angel delight? {here}  Well, She’s actually part of a suit that I found in a chazzer shazzer a couple of years ago.  I scooped her up for a mere £8, had the jacket cropped and found myself with a stunning new skirt suit.

Because she’s quite an unusual shade of pink I love mixing her with soft colours – lemon meringue, biscuit base, sweet orange peel, soft paloma grey – Black would be too harsh, bright blue too damaging to the eyes but I can’t wait to try her with a navy or ….you know me! {here} some sort of green hue {hefner}

Believe in the power of the Chazzer Shazzers my Shoelets…You never know what you might find.  Check out my tips on successfully scoring in one here.

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