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I read a very interesting article via twitter on The Huffington Post a few weeks ago that has been stuck in my head for a while now. The title of the piece wasDo style rules change once you turn 35?’ Well, my Shoelets, that big old scary number of 35 is fast approaching yours truly and I need to know ~ like the article explores ~ can I still wear a mini skirt when I’m 35?

My job as a Wardrobe Detoxer {Gave myself the title, thanks} is to help women declutter their wardrobes and find their style. In our 20’s we can wear what we want, experiment, follow trends and make mistakes but by the time we hit our 30’s it’s expected of us to know how to dress and, in a way, to settle down. We should have done our trialing and testing and should be confident and knowledgeable in what to wear. NEWS FLASH! This is bullshit. Our metabolism slows down in our thirties, babies start appearing, responsibilities become greater and while there is a certain confidence that comes with age there is definitely an insecurity that comes with getting older. Β No one likes the mutton dressed as lamb look but surely there are ways to still dress ourselves youthfully without appearing to look like we’re afraid of our advancing years?


I love getting my legs out. They’re not the best in the world, actually far from it. They’re short. Like really short. I’m tall with a long body and short legs. They could be more toned and I have varicose & broken veins on my thighs but I love a brown leg. Like I preached to the masses on Monday. If I didn’t get them out they wouldn’t go brown. The two photos I’ve included are both from last year when I was 34. I can’t see much changing for this summer. If I’m confident with getting my legs out then it shows. If I was embarrassed and highly conscious then it simply brings unnecessary attention to my wobbly pins. Besides who doesn’t love a bit of imperfection? Perfect doesn’t exist and we should stop trying to achieve it. My legs ain’t perfect and that’s just the way I like it.

Personally I think rules are there for a reason but they’re also meant to be broken. Children are growing up faster these days and people are living longer. If I gave up wearing miniskirts at 35 I could have another 50 of not getting my legs out! Where’s the fun in that?

So, tell me. What are your thoughts/fears on our style changing after 35?Β 

Would love to discuss it with you all….

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