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May 2013



Summer plans


{kos last summer}

This time last year I made a list of Β things that I wanted to achieve during the summer. I only managed four out of the ten. One is still ongoing {writing letters to everyone took longer than anticipated}, one was just plain ridiculous {what was I thinking wanting to make these. I’m not 17 & 8 stone!} and the last one ~ watch a film outside ~ was scuppered due to the preeettty bad weather we had.

Regardless of not being able to fulfill my dreams for those forth coming partially sun filled days I’m making a list again. YEAH!!! I love a list kids. These are my plans for Summer 2013:

1. Find a strapless bikini that suits my body

2. Try out a new and exciting salad once a week

3. Buy a cool pair of trainers that I can wear with trousers AND skirts.

4. Go swimming at least twice a week

5.Eat outside in the garden more often

6. Swim in the English sea {this was on my list last year but it has to be done, right?}

7. Find the perfect Mexican blouse

8. Start wearing hot pink lipstick {oh and find one first}

9. Be more adventurous with my hairstyles

10. Throw a themed BBQ in my back garden {I’m thinking Mexican. It’s gonna be a Mexican themed summer methinks}


{Olympic stadium. London 2012}

What are your plans for this summer my Shoelets?

Let me know and let’s make these next couple of months AWESBALLS!!!

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