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Sweet treats ahead                                                          £60 /2 hours


Do you have a Sweet treat coming up?

An event that requires an incredible outfit or even an array of costumery?

A wild and wonderful wedding?  A big birthday with a rocking party attached?  An exciting, adventure filled holiday or a lazy, relaxing break away?

Chances are that on all of these occasions more photos will be taken of you than on your average Saturday afternoon therefore what you’re wearing needs to make you look and feel your very best.

Working with what you already own and by either adding new delights or restyling from your current wardrobe we will find an outfit or a whole suitcase full of goodies that will make you feel stylish, comfortable and above all will make you look fabulous for that sweet treat ahead.


Back to the real world                                                   £30 per hour


New job?
New body?
New baby?
All of the above?

Whether you’re starting a new job, having to work with an ever increasing baby bump or returning to work after a little addition to your family Back to the real world is a tailor made service just for you.

By discussing your change in lifestyle and your nouveau clothing needs we shall endeavour to find or rework suitable suitors in your current closet and add sweet extras without breaking the bank.  It may be a case of Back to the real world but at least you’ll be looking and feeling your very best.




Red shoes No knickers is based in that great place called London town and doesn’t really travel far outside of there to do detoxes or to offer sweet treats…However….If you do live outside of the big smoke and really want to book our services then drop us a line and we’ll see if we can sort something out.  It’s always worth a try. You don’t ask you don’t get, right? xx

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