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February 2013



Tartan army


When this plaid party from Michael Kors came down the runway for AW 12/13 {in laymans terms for Christmas just gone and the first half of 2013} I knew I was in love. Especially with the outfit on the left. A wool dress, hardcore wool boots and a tartan coat? HELL YEAH!!!! You had me at tart. This sartorial love of tartan seems to be carrying on and what is walking itself down the runway’s in Nemo’s NYFW this weekend is more tartan. It’s here to stay and I am ready….

{timo weiland aw13}

{victoria beckham aw13}

Welll…I say I’m ready. I have two tartan kilts which I love but I always seem to struggle with. My first kilt I found in a bargain bin on the streets of NYC and was $1. Yes, one frikkin’ dollar! The second is one of my favourite ‘clothes’ stories ~of which I have many!! I was on holiday visiting the fabulous Ms. Kass in Sydney and had a dream one night about wearing a long, to the floor, length tartan skirt. A Vivienne Westwoodesque style kilt. I told KiKi about my dream {yawn! Oh what a bore!} but knew I would never find one. When you have such a precise idea in your head of an outfit it very often ends in disappointment. Well, freaky Mccreaky things happened and as we stepped into a second hand market there, before my very fuzzy eyes, was not one but two floor length tartan skirts! I couldn’t believe it! I nabbed the one that looked least like a school skirt and headed back across the waters clutching my precious wares.

Unfortunately I struggled with it’s length {as I did with this long skirt} so after a few years chopped her up and made her my favourite length ~ just below the knee ~ I don’t like to disappoint my calves too much. As shit luck would have it I struggled with my kiltage STILL! What was I doing wrong? The problem is they can’t be worn with knits, cream silk blouses, lace up shoes, wooly joomps, shirts and cardiganos ~ ERRRRRRRR…Hallo my wardrobe!? ~ due to you ending up looking like a Hettie McDougal from Glanfirshire who is a guide leader and crochets a lot. What’s a girl to do?

Fast forward to Spain of 2012 when I popped to Europe for my birthday and I found the below picture in a Spanish magazine that I was flicking through for picture use only:

Something clicked into place as I clocked what this cutie Patootie was doing ~ heels and denim. I heard her loud and clear and while I couldn’t do the heels last week I went for a double denim layer and finally felt like I’d grabbed my tartan skirt by her balls and showed her who’s boss!

{d.i.m.d.i denim waistcoat & vintage skirt, j crew denim shirt, monsoon tee, tabio tights, beau coops booties}

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