Red shoes, No knickers



April 2012



The tight of no return

Before I headed off to the great plains of Africa there was a mini heatwave in old Unit K, I vowed then and there that whence one had returned to the Tiny Island a tight would not be seen on le tanned legs.  They were to be banished to the other side of the year and would not darken my pins for at least another 6 months.

Sadly for me the temperatures are not as pleasing as they were 3 weeks ago.  I, however, am sticking to my guns and am determined not to return to Tightage.  You know what that means kids?


Oh yeah.  These last two expressions of

‘Eh?  What you looking at?’ and ‘Oh look I can balance on one foot, aren’t I clever!’

mean I am in this game for as long as my weather app keeps showing rain.  I may run out of Pants but I’ll still be playing the game, don’t you worry My Shoelets, I don’t like to give into anyone, let along myself!

{self designed velvet jacket, topshop blouse, gifted stripey longsleeve, jeans and leather handbag, orla kiely belt, m&s wedges}

If I could wear these pants everyday of the challenge I would as they are my new ‘Happy pants’.  I purchased/nabbed them from the pile of ‘This shit can’t be bought home with me.  I have way too many clothes’ clothes which I happened across in Bestie From Africa‘s spare room {also known as my room}  Along with these supercomfytightonthelegbutlooseatthetop~winnerwinnerchickendinner jeans I won 3 vests, {see the first one here} one blouse and a pair of culottes.

Best place to shop? ~ Someone else’s wardrobe.  Go find one.

Tomorrow’s post will either be The continuation of The great pants game or Africa pictures ~ What you want?  Tell me and I’ll do it.  I’m so easy like that. I like to please.

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