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October 2011



Theatre costume

There is a rule between my friends and I I have a rule that I like to implement amongst my friends and it’s to do with the theatre.  When I was younger I lived abroad but we came back every summer and christmas and our biggest treat was always going to the theatre in London’s West end.   I am a self confessed musical whore and thank my parents for instilling in me a love of cheesy love songs, over acting and jazz hands galore…..Hey! and that’s just Les Mis!

Because it was a big deal {eg. V. EXPENSIVE!} taking 5 people to the theatre we always wore our best clothes {I think my Dad used to wear a suit!} and felt extremely lucky to be there.  Actually, come to think about it I remember everyone used to get really dressed up.  Going to the theatre meant your best clothes came out of storage and were on display.

All these years later I still feel so lucky to be able to go to the theatre and never forget what a priviledge it is.  If I could I’d go once a week!!  Now, if you ever get to come and see anything with me you need to know that the rule is there will not be a sloppy outfit in sight!!  NEVER!! Not if you want to sit near me and share my pick and mix anyway.

There are so few occassions to get really dressed up these days that they should, in my book, be celebrated. Sister With Massive Laugh’s Boy is in Warhorse and she was very generous last night in treating myself and Bro Dude to tickets to see it.  An extrememly fabulosity outfit was definately in order for this sweet treat.

{gifted military jacket and scarf, m&s sunnies and cashmere socks, may black shrug, vintage giraffe print blouse and dolce and gabbana felt skirt, gifted lace top and mint bag, ancient barrett’s heels}

The poupée came out to model my Dolce and Gabanna felt skirt that I got for $15 from Balmain market in Sydo!  It’s so big that when I went to sit down Sister With Massive Laugh had to stuff it down the sides of my seat for me!

As if going to the theatre itself wasn’t great enough, we got to go backstage afterwards and meet Joey…If you haven’t seen Warhorse yet I strongly suggest you do so…oh and take some tissues with you….and of course dress up…

{joey and I swaping hair colour tips}

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