Red shoes, No knickers



May 2011



Three things


(my loose tailoring on Thursday)

Muchos apologies for the lack of communicado recently but the old lapdog is in surgery!  Sniff.  It’s been so stressful but finally it is getting fixed and I should hopefully get it back in a couple of days.

In the meantime I am hoping from one friends house to another using their laptops and being very grateful for it I can tell you!

So, I had wanted to start doing Three things posts on Fridays but it all went tits up with my computer and so you’re getting this on a Wednesday!  Inspired by the beautiful Emily over at Cupcakes and cashmere , who posts Five things every week, I have decided to do a basterdized version and do three things.  Three things each week that make me happy, smile, laugh or simply just interest me.

I hope you like mine.

 (The gorgeous flowers I picked for the window display at work) 

 (all the dylon dyes I recieved in the post and am going to work with this weekend)


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