Red shoes, No knickers



June 2012



To sock or not to sock…

…that is the question.

If you didn’t know already I’ve had a birthday recently and I am now on the borderline of mid 30’s.  That’s half way to 40 and I just don’t know whether ankle socks on a half way to 40 year old woman are appropriate.

I’ve seen the other girls at school doing it

{all images via the web}

Personally I love it but am not sure whether the stares I recieved on Saturday were for my African print skirt, my ankle socks or the fact that my make-up seemed to have fallen off on the way to work and I spent the day looking like I was hungover.

{reworked ancient cardi, old work t, self designed skirt, umbro ankle socks, chie mihara heeled brogues}

I think a discussion is needed here at Red Shoes No Knickers.  What say you?  I want to hear your thoughts.  Let’s start up a forum, if you will, so that we can share with each other what’s going on out there in the big, sartorial world of ankle socks and the like.

Firstly – Does this work?

Secondly – What, perhaps, mutton dressed as lamb (?) items of clothing do you like to wear but think might be borderline unacceptable?


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