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January 2013



Top to tips

{vintage hat, gifted scarf {also seen here}, gap mittens}

As I sit typing this post and looking out of the window the snow is lightly falling into my back garden and, although it’s not settling, it’s signalling a severe drop in temperature. Awesome! Something’s finally happening! The greyness that enveloped the first part of this year has been super~seeded by a smattering of wet snow. I’LL TAKE IT!Β Now. We’re all up to date with the coat situation yeah? NO! WHAT!?! Head on over here and get your coat knowledge up to scratch please!

Coats sorted ~ Accessories need to be looked at closely. Along with black shoes with blue jeans, leggings and anything from Primark ~ mismatched accessories are a pet hate of mine. If you’ve got a fabulous outfit on, covered it with a gorgeous coat and then plonked a pink bobble hat, turquoise scarf and multi~coloured mittens on the top of it all you’re shooting yourself in the well clad foot. Β You don’t have to have an exact matching set but keeping your hat, scarf and gloves within the same tones and style will bring your outfit together even more so.

To go with my fabulous collection of coats I have a few combinations that I like to wear:

{vintage hat, found scarf, arm warmers made from leg warmers}

{d.i.m.d.i chazzer shazzer hat, gifted scarf, hobbs leather gloves}

{thinsulate hat {last seen here}, accesorize mittens/fingerless gloves, self designed scarf}

{crowncap hat, gap mittens, self designed scarf}

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