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July 2011



Travel Chic: Kaspia Calypso

One of my favourite things in the world is travelling.  Packing up that suitcase, leaving the real world behind and heading off to the unknown.  Lucky for me I have friends all around the world and am very fortunate to get to go and visit these beauties – my friends as well as the places!  As I am away at the moment eating bread, cheese and le vin rouge I thought I’d introduce you all to one (if not THE) chicest traveller there is.

Ms. Kass

She is my friend from way back when we were both managers of small boutiques on the same street.  When I dressed up every morning so that I could trot down the road and show this girl my outfit.  I dressed for her and I have probably been dressing for her ever since.  She has travelled to the ends of the earth and always in style, she has been in two tsunamis, rode motorbikes across India, shot guns in Pakistan, danced burlesque in London, wandered the streets of Paris, went and explored Europe with a 6 month old baby and has the wickedest laugh – and wardrobe – I know!

Sadly for me she is now back in her native Australia but I thought I’d probe into her travel habits and share them all with you:

What’s your feel good staple?

: Usually an array of pretty dresses (which can be rolled up) to go with a few different types of sandals (for flat packing). Little cardigans and a shawl or two. One pair of heels. Lots of jewels and crazy sunglasses. I try to ‘plan’ my outfits before hand as much a possible to avoid answers to question 2, but it doesn’t always help.

Any tips on light travelling?

: NONE!! No tips what so ever…I would love to know them myself, but I am notoriously known for being the polar opposite of a light traveller!

Who makes the best luggage?

: Globetrotter but if you can’t afford it, the luggage we carry is by Alstermo Bruk the pre cursors to Globetrotter, my suitcase is in Rio Red. 

How do you tackle airport security in style?

: I hand them my child and then my three pieces of carry on, my ten bangles, belt and earrings go in the little grey tray along with my sandals and I say ‘Merci!’ on the other side!

What are your inflight essentials?

: Rose water spray, face moisturiser, lip balm and delicious rose hand cream, tooth brush and paste, earplugs, wool bed socks and my chinese velvet slippers, my beautiful long mirrored wool blanket from India and a leopard print squishy horse shoe shaped pillow. Blush, eyeliner and clean knickers for just before landing. I have given up on the book, magazines and ipod…just watch the movies, and now entertain my 18 month old!

Whose swimwear makes a splash?

: Jemma Jube always!

And accessories?

: My signature 10 wooden and painted bangles, collected from around the world, a customised sombrero or two (much to husbands disbelief), earrings, big rings and necklaces to match every outfit. I usually pack costume jewellery and tribal style pieces with a few precious/silver favourites just incase they get lost or stolen, but amongst all my intrepid travels I have never, knock wood, lost anything!  

What is your holiday must-have?

A new gorgeous dress found along the way. A parisol and it has to match your swimming costume! A little or no knowledge about the destination I am traveling to. A great book written about or set in the place I am travelling to. Camera. Diary. Freedom!

What is your summer beauty secret?

Face sun cream every day and a good tan asap. Nails and toes, hair and waxing done. Great hat. Lots of colour. A very short dress and a very long one. Happiness and a thirst for adventure.



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