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September 2011



Tree tings

 {early evening september sun}

Fashion week this week has been so exciting and has made me think about what’s in my wardrobe and what to get out of it permanantly!!  I have loved thinking up different ways to wear pieces (yesterday’s outfit here was a dress over a t-shirt and a slip that I normally wear as a skirt) I have an even more exciting time coming up next week as I’m off to Paris fashion week in…you guessed it! PARIS!! We all know how much I adore Le pareeee (check my lover out here) and I am already making lists about fabulous outfits to wear as I strut down the boulevards, drink le vin rouge and shoval in a load of smelly cheese…BRING IT ON!!!

My Tree tings this week have made me smile but one made me howl with laughter…can you tell which one it is?

{yummy colourful lunch}

 little about me.

I rarely go out on school nights anymore. Last night I was so drunk I got the whole tube carriage on the way home to sing ‘close to you’ by the carpenters. A 66 year old retired stoke broker and an 18 year old asian student were the most enthusiastic singers. 

Today I got up at 5am to go to sheffield and Stockport. 
My biggest moan is that I’m getting too old for this shit.
My last cd purchase was Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits. 
I drive a racing green vespa and a silver vw golf.
I had a Macdonalds for lunch at 5pm.
I’m currently on the train back to euston. The weather is changeable. Literally.
{an email from my friend bobbi}
Only three more days to get in there and get yourselfs that sweet discount!  Just £120 squid for a detox….How fabulosity is that!!! Don’t regret not doing it so get in there like swimwear!!!

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