Red shoes, No knickers



November 2011



Tree Tings

{tim working mixology to the max!}

This is week has been a tough one peeps in more ways than one and a big part of it is deciding on what I want to wear…..Times are achanging for me – age, circumstances, hair colour, ass size – and what I have in my wardrobe is not fulfilling my sartorial needs.Β  Something needs to happen and over the next few weeks I hope you’ll join me as a build up a winter wardrobe that suits my new found maturity older, slightly bigger {simply catering for my woman bits} self.Β  They’ll be tears but it’ll be worth it.

In the meantime, all my Tree Tings this week are fashion related…it’s on my mind a lot!

{sister with massive laughs new barry m nail polish – we’re addicted!}

{the man repeller doing exactly what i talked about here}

ALSO!!! ALSO!!!!

Have you all checked out the fabulous Red Shoes… Christmas Sweet Treat offer!!!???Β 

Click onΒ over here if not my lovelies and spread that good word…Spread it like fake cheese from a tube!Ok now go….fly like the wind and whisper the Red shoes…. word along the tree tops…

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