Red shoes, No knickers



January 2012



Tree tings

{remembering I had this beauty}

What with this being my first full week back into the swing of things I feel like I’m permanantly playing catch up and things that are supposed to get done…aren’t.  I decided to focus on the things that did get done this week like clearing out old underwear.  I took off my top one night and my boobs were so misshapen in one of my bras that I instantly threw that, and it’s matching nix, into the bin.  DO it, my darling Shoelets, it’s liberating.  I thought about setting fire to them but remembered I have a plastic bin and didn’t want to make a mess in my bedroom.  Secondly I finally {HOW LATE!} got out all my winter coats, hung them up to help the creases fall out and displayed them all ready for this weekend’s ice palace.  Can’t wait.

Tree tings for your weekend…Go now and eat a baguette for me…x

{my new vintage velvet bottoms from reign.  watch out for their post next week}

{checking out the glamourai. sea here for more beauty. be still my envious heart}

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