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February 2012



Tree tings

Over the last couple of weeks, my Friday Tree tings seem to have been linked – Shoes, Reading material, blogs –   and this week is no exception.  Procrastination is what links the Tree tings that have intrigued and interested me this week.  I have a deadline today for something. Mmmm not sure I’m going to make it.  Have been too busy checking out these fabulous videos…..

Check out  The wrinkles of the city.  A short film that inspires me to laugh more and stay away from botox.

Click here to watch Marion Cotillard in L.A.dy Dior which makes me what to make a funny, short film….

And my favourite of all.  If you only click on one then let it be Klara who made me cry, laugh, dream and want to be strong and independant in an amazing hooded top…in Iceland.

Ps.  Thanks to Kwanage and Ms. Kaspia for showing the videos to me in the first place.

My procrastinations continue and becasue this is a mere Tree Tings and not ‘Lots of tings to be sure!’ I couldn’t  fit in this, this or this.  Check ’em if you’re procrastionating too….

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