Red shoes, No knickers



June 2011



Tree tings

(tim’s chazzer shazzer £3 peach chinos…ENVY!!)

Have you all worked out which dress I got from a Chazzer Shazzer?  Hop on over here if you haven’t had a guess yet and I’ll let you all know who wins my love and respect later on today….something I know you’ll all be wanting.

Once I’d got over rubbish illness ,that I’d had for a week, I felt like I was on roll with tons of energy and have had a very productive week posting pieces on Ebay (take a gander here if you’re interested), doing my repairs, dying dresses and shopping for goodies that I shall post about next week…Hallo leather shorts!!  Can’t wait to see what the Glasto crowd will be wearing this weekend too!

Here’s Tree tings (To be sure me darling!) that have been grabbing my attentionie this week….

(venus williams in a playsuit at wimbledon….and a gold belt! Love that shit!)

(beautiful roses outside a house on my road…my favourite colour at the moment)

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