Red shoes, No knickers



July 2011



Tree tings

(loving wimbledon…come on murray!)

At the moment I keep singing that song ‘Rush, rush, hurry, hurry lover come to me’….I just can’t seem to get on top of things this week.  Busy, busy gal…Work, MAMMOTH detox, ebay, meeting up with friends…I did get to see the fabulous Bridesmaids (posted about it here) and I would highly recommend it.  Did probably cry a little too much in recognition of what we women are like in our 30’s but still laughed a load too.  Very funny. Loved it.

To be sure Tree tings that have been catching my eye hole.

(tim’s 99p clown suit that arrived, from ebay, for a 1930’s circus themed birthday party)

(going to see ‘my boys’ at wembley. the frikkin’ bollocks, my friends, as always.)

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