Red shoes, No knickers



August 2011



Tree tings

(belated birthday fish pedi)

Everyone safe?Β  Odd week I think you’ll all agree…Plus the sun has left our island which has made me le bleu!Β  Tree tings are posted that bring a rye smile to my tanless face…PPPFFFFFfff..Come back wherever you might be!

Oh…and as for the quiz…I’m going to leave it open for the weekend perusals (if there are any?!) and see what other answers appear. If you haven’t already had a guess, head on over to here and play the game.Β  The price is seeing my left ear.

(actual post through the letterboxΒ from my friend magwar…love being thought of)

(midnight fun with (from left to right) me, katsy and bestie from the tv)

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