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September 2011



Tree tings

{sunday afternoon walk}

This past week has been a mini holiday for me and I have been off in Sommerset – writing, walking, eating, taking photos, eating, seeing old friends and eating some more.  I think I’ve put on about a stone due to Jude’s home cooking!  It was so good to be out in the countryside and funnily enough it helped me welcome autumn.  I donned boots and thick socks for the first time in however many months, wrapped myself in cashmere to snuggle and read many a magazine showing next seasons treads…..Er…hallo long pencil skirt!  Who was there first? (that would be me here)

Here be Tree tings that I’ve loved doing this week.

{reworking a summer dress}

{blackberry picking}

Well done to all of you troupers who played along with Wednesday’s quiz….You little beauties you!  The answer is…..

Numero tree!

3) November 1999: Party took place at Daisy Bank road, Victoria park, Manchester.  Sister With Massive Laugh and Bro Dude came up from London for it.  The small man, who initially owned the tweed jacket, spent most of the party trying to break into a car (someone had left their keys in it) and then had to break up a fight between two women who towered above him.

Yes, I bought those M&S zebra print mools in 1999 making them a wapping 12 years old.  The moral my lovelies is ‘take care of your possesions and they will last’ – Doesn’t matter how old they are, whether they’re ‘in fashion’ (Yuk!) or not – If you love them and you can work them then WEAR THEM!!!

Incidently I wore those shoes at that party with a black vest and some zebra print low rise trousers….I WISH I still had photographic evidence..I was rocking it! xxx

And so…because of all your hard work in guessing I am delivery a sweet treat for you all on Monday morning….It’s a good one so stay tuned……

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