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December 2011



Turn me round

I am such a big fan of le cashmere…Big…huge!

Once you’ve worn cashmere I swear you won’t want to wear anything else.  It is so warm and snuggly and super soft. People want to stroke you {awkward when on the bus} and when wearing it you can’t stop touching yourself {heeeeee heeeeee}

What’s the problem then?  Why aren’t we all wearing it?

Well, unfortunaltey,  it’s darn expensive….damn you, you gorgeous pieces of gorgeousness!

However…don’t be fooled by expensive shops selling expensive cashmere because, knowing my cashmere as I do, I can tell you that mid-priced pieces can be just as great and durable as those hyper costly snugglys.  Step up my dear M&S.  A couple of years ago I went a little crazy and bought two oversized cashmere cardi’s {sizes 16 and 20} from there and they have served me so well.


EASY!! Well, there’s nothing worse than having a tight cardiganos and trying to keep warm in it!  Oversized means you have so many more options AND….once it’s started to bobble {cashmere will ALWAYS do this} you can put it on a slightly warmer wash {40 degrees} where it will shrink slightly, stop bobbling but still fit you!  I went for these two pieces {see here and here} and they have been #amazeballs.

On my winter list of pieces I want to add to my wardrobe I have written down grey and black round neck cashmere joomp….for about the last 3 years.  Ideally I’d love this one.

Times are tight though and the pocket is not deep enough plus my Bro Dude’s christmas list always has THE most expensive things on it!  PPPFFFffff….

Mmmmmmm….What to do?  I NEED a round neck grey joomp….how can I get my hands on one?…


Come on my darling Shoelets…let’s start thinking outside the box!  Outside and down the road!  Simply turn that badboy round and everyone’s a Michael Winner….and I tank you.

One cashmere round joomp? Stick a fork in me…I’M DONE!!!

{vintage blue coat, gap mittens, gifted scarf and earrings, ancient miss selfridge shirt, m&s cashmere cardi, gap cord skirt, tights, folk brouges}

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