Red shoes, No knickers



October 2011




As I said before I am in total pants mode at the moment and I am still there! I don’t know why I am STILL resisting Le tight but I am and it means I’m getting loads of  wear out of all my, normally ignored, trews.  Throughout last week I was posting, over on faceshizal,  little snippets of the looks I felt like I was channeling – Puerto Rican prisoner, Ranch handler from Nashville Tennesse….that sort of thing….you know the norm.

With this look I felt like I was channeling Picasso…You feel me?  I felt like a painter in France in the early 19th century! 

Wasist pulled in with a belt and buttoned up to the neck.

The surrealist movement within art aside aside I managed to find ANOTHER way to wear this shirt that is both flattering and comfortable.  The others being here: 

Open neck and cinched in with a belt.

and here:

Open neck, rolled up sleeves, tucked in.

Talk about a versatile piece of clothing! I think I have at least another couple of ways to wear it to come as well! I need to find myself more clothes like this…

{chazzer shazzer coat, gifted scarf, m&s sunnies, shirt and shoes, gap socks, vintage belt, reworked sara berman cords}

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