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April 2011



Wardrobe detox case study 1:

The lovely Natasha is a savvy young lass and took  full advantage of our launch offer discount that I mentioned here and booked herself a Wardrobe detox yesterday.

So excited was I to get going that I forgot to take the ‘before’ photo of her wardrobe so you’ll have to just see the ‘afters’ I’m afraid.

The best thing about working with Natasha is that she was ‘up-for -it’ – WAHEEEY! 

She was chucking things in the charity shop pile with gusto, knowing she didn’t wear those pieces anymore and that she was moving on.  As I was cleaning the bottom of her wardrobe out and putting away her ‘depleted but more refined’ selection of shoes she was in her spare room clearing out the wardrobe of old coats and boots and a body warmer that had seen better days.

We managed to fill two binbags full of clothes to be taken to charity and another bag full of pieces that were good enough for ebay.  What’s better than making a bit of money out of throwing things away eh?


We put her suits and work clothes together at the front of her wardrobe, pieces she wears a lot of, then came tops (work/leisure) then all her fabulous dresses (day/evening)

Natasha felt the trouble with her wardrobe was wearing only about 10% of it and forgetting what she had it’s deep, dark depths.  We unearthed some hidden delights and restyled lots of pieces to make them more up to date. 

Once we’d gone through everything we realised there really weren’t too many holes to fill.  She owned a great range of clothes but could do with a few little extras.  A pop of colour was needed and so I suggested basic vests for layering in an assortment of gorgeous citrus colours -peach, coral, tangerine, zesty orange.  As well as using nailvarnish, eye shadow or lipstick to bring that snazzy burst of brightness.

After 4 and a bit hours Natasha now has a wardrobe full of stylish clothes, shoes and bags that she can easily see as well as mix and match together.  It was so much fun!

Fancy a detox yourself?

You know where to contact me my lovelies.

Here, here or here

Book before the end of May and get that sweet discount!!

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