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February 2012



Wardrobe detox case study 2:

{me…at work}

The start of a new year and the anticipation of spring – I think – is the best time to treat yourself to a Wardrobe Detox.  It’a fresh start, a cleansing and cathartic experience and sets you up for anything that’s thrown at you throughout the coming months.  If your drawers are tidy you can conquer the world.

Last week I went round to Rib’s house and took on the mammouth challenge of detoxing her wardrobe and helping her settle into a new and bigger space.  Unlike my first case study with Natasha {here} I managed to remember to take the ‘before’ pictures this time!



Rib’s main problem is {and still will be, it doesn’t leave you even if you want it to!} that she is a hoarder.  She’s not a fan of throwing anything away and moving into a bigger room, that had the beauty of two wardrobes, made her believe not much would need to go…..that was before I arrived!  We bagged for charity and binned so much stuff that we filled her old room!  The poor lass was stuck in the 90’s – the time she went to University – and is a common problem amongst a lot of us.  We were happy in the clothes we wore in our 20’s, right?  We were carfree and had the world at our feet.  We never thought we’d grow up and change shape and have different needs from our clothing.



The main aim of Red Shoes No Knickers’ Detox’s is to make you see the wood for the trees.  To clear away the pieces that you don’t wear or haven’t worn for years and to take a good hard look at what you do have.  To realise that you don’t need to go and get even more clothes –  you can simply make the most of what you already own.  Rib had an impressive array of dresses, some great bags, many fierce, comfy and fabulous ‘makes my boobs look hot’ t-shirts and a lot of sports wear.  The later came with a new years resolution to start wearing them more often!

We arranged her room so that easy access could be made to everything.  The chest of drawers that was shoved into the wardrobe, and wouldn’t open properly, {first picture} became usable as its namesake and a seat at the end of her bed.


Bags and hats were hung on open wardrobe doors and order was made through categories {dresses altogether, skirts and trousers hung} and colour coding.

We schedualed in ‘Craft Sunday’ where old t-shirts were going to be reworked {see here}, sweaters to be restyled {see here} and a pile of dry cleaning, shoe mending and button fixing was collected.

Rib’s testimonial is on it’s way {check out others here} and so soon you’ll hear straight from the lady’s mouth how her experince went.

If you want to book yourself in for a Wardrobe detox you know where to contact me, my Shoelets.


Ms. D….over and out x

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