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March 2013



Wardrobe detox case study 3:


{hiya fire!}

When one of my very first clients, Maddy, asked me to come and see her again I was intrigued. I’d only sorted out her wardrobe a couple of years before but a lot had changed in that time. I’d become a fully blown James Arthur fan & Maddy had given birth. She also moved house, acquired a dog the size of a small pony and now lives in an area where there is a very fine line between trying to dress like a cool mid~30’s girl {we’re still officially girls up until 87 years old. FACT} and yummy mummy who drives a Range Rover. What with her day to day shenanigans ~ and let’s call them shenanigans with a small gal and a big dog in tow ~ taking on a different form these days she realised her style had changed and her wardrobe needed to aswell.

As I did with the other Wardrobe Detoxes I’ve shown you here & here I firstly had to start by clearing out her closet and tidying up!









A lot of clothes were bagged for the chazzer shazzers as well as to be sold on Ebay ~ Always nice to make a profit out of  your old clothes that you don’t want any more eh? Waste not want not!


Then with what was left in her wardrobe we thought about new outfits that were adaptable, stylish and would work with her new lifestyle:

* Comfort ~ main priority for her & her busy lifestyle.

*Warm ~ joint main priority ~ no more sheer blouses for this gal.

*High~waisted trousers & skirts ~bending down to pick up a 3 year old is ass crack showcasing central and is NEVER a good look. NEVER!

*Age appropriate clothing ~ Living on the outskirts of London in a child heavy/waitrose loving/daily dog walking area can lead to a certain uniform amongst mother’s and we were very careful that she did slip into that group.

*A Heel ~less exsistance~ At 5’11” she doesn’t like to tower over her partner unless it’s absolutely necessary. Not many are fans of the Bernie Eccelstone look.

It was clear that while she did have a few things left to work with a shopping spree was in order. Shopping can be daunting at the best of times but with a strict and concise list of what to get you can be in and out of those shops with the minimum of fuss and stress.

Maddy seems so happy with her new wares she thought it was ok to text me at 9.25am on a Saturday:

“…went shopping yesterday and took every bit of your advice. Love love love the high~waisted jeggings (denim, black, grey), cashmere top (so warm!), and structured cardis you recommended (stripy, navy and black). Also bought THE red shoes which are quite something but I’m going for it, as shoes are definitely an issue.  I just need to work on casual footwear which doesn’t make me look like Mrs Golf-club-legs so will try the trainers you suggest”

Even though it is never ok to text me before noon at the weekend and I have no idea who Mrs Golf~club legs is I think it was a job well done. I’m patting myself on the back as I tip tip type away.

If you need a helping hand with your current wardrobe and/or changing lifestyle then you know where to find us:

Here ~ Here ~ Here

Call me…..just not before noon.

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