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June 2011



Why it doesn’t work…


That was a trick! Ha! Got ya!  Or did I???  No doubt the majority of you are looking at this outfit and thinking what the jeepers ca-reepers is this loon wearing?!

Mixology my friends…Mixology.

What the fecking bejesus is that?!

Well, yes, when I first heard the word I did think it was a load of balls in a see-through ‘customs’ bag.  Last summer I kept reading about mixology on my beloved Glamourai’s site here and suddenly everyone seemed to be raving about it. 

What!?  Pffff…I’ve been doing this shizal for years.  It all started back in 2004 when I lived in Sister With Massive Laugh’s bedroom and had all my clothes in boxes stacked up.  Getting dressed every morning was  pot luck as it was determined by what I could grab from the nearest box.  I think up until that point I had been very matchy matchy and then suddenly I didn’t have a choice.  If I wanted a certain belt or cardi to go with anything I had to work out which box it would be in and how I would get to it….No time for that in the mornings!  Printed blouses started finding themselves making friends with patterened skirts.  Stripes said hallo to polka dots and colour was everywhere.

(orla kiely top, m&s bra, forever 21 belt, chazzer shazzer skirt, m&s wedges)

The mixology rules aren’t really rules but merely guidelines, tips if you will, and are ones that make me very happy:

1. vary the scale. mix a small neat print with a splashier one or an eye-popper with one that’s more neutral.
2. stay within the same color family.
3. mix up the fabrics, the weights — a rough-textured fabric with a more refined one. somehow a nubby, slubby fabric pairs up more naturally with a flat weave than do two smooth-textured fabrics.
4. toss in some polka dots, stripes or even leopard prints, which are easier to mix with other patterns because they’re simple and graphic. and they’re familiar to the eye.
5. consider the accessories. though it’s fun to tote a print bag with a print frock, you can tone down the brights with a great tan leather bag or pair of sandals. straw works, too.

The tips above are from the the new york times’ guide to mixology and reasons 2 and 4 are why my outfit does work! 

The same colourways are in action…

…the leopard print and the postbox red are neutrals that, in my extremely shortsighted eyes, can be teamed with anything.

So what say you my dear Shoelets…Do you think it works?  Or do you think mixology is a load of balls?  Let me know your torts…(irish accent used to say thoughts)

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